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The Volkskrant, August 28, 2010
Two chores done at once

Hoeing, raking and sweeping is the best choice for the environment, and apparently healthy as well, but it is time consuming and heavy work. But there is something new: the hoerake.
An ordinary hoe cuts the roots of the weeds and loosens the ground at the same time, leaving the cutoff. But then you have to rake the weeds together and dispose of them to keep them from regrowing. With the hoerake, you take care of two chores at the same time. While you hoe, this garden tool rakes the cutoff together. Moreover, with the hoerake, you hoe with 'pulling' instead of 'pushing', which is less strenuous than traditional [Dutch] hoeing. Moreover, you can hoe deeper and more efficiently than with a normal hoe.
The hoerake, a Dutch design, is well made. It is made from hardened steel attached to an Ash wood handle. Even after a summer of intensive hoeraking, there isn't a millimeter of play; in this way, it seems durable.
Does it work? In heavy ground like clay, the hoerake quickly fills up. Also, for small borders, the large hoerake is not so handy, but there also is a shorter and a hand version. In a garden with fairly loose soil and for gravel paths, the hoerake is fantastic. It saves time, strength and labour. And hassle.

Price: standard hoerake (handle 170 cm): € 29,95 Available via
Evaluation: *****

Reactions from satisfied customers

- from Scheemda:
"Ordered your large HoeRake and the hand HoeRake and I can't say anymore than that these are actually the best tools that there are. Fantastically good tools, and not unimportant, with a minimum of effort, one gets a maximum result, and, in less than no time."

- from Blaricum:
"I don't go into the garden anymore without my SchoffelHark Hoe Rake.”

- from Garmerwolde:
"I have heard very good reports about the HoeRake, can't wait to get started.”

- from Ooike, Belgium:
"With this I acknowledge the receipt of the HoeRake, very well packed, and I can tell you that I am very pleased.”

-from Claremont, California:
"A great design. Looks great and feels just perfect, and has an excellent balance between the handle and the head.”

-from Bussum:
"The HoeRake works perfectly for removing weeds and grass from gravel paths. I wish I had bought one years ago!"
Note: For heavy, clay-ground there is the new Profi HoeRake.