Baarn, the Netherlands - Home of the unique SchoffelHark Dutch German

The flat blade skims below soil level, cutting out weeds in a simple action. The forged-steel curved prongs allow you to weed at different depths, and neatly spread the soil in the same stroke. It is lightweight, well-balanced, and has a long Ash wood shaft which allows for good reach and posture to prevent back strain.
Twice as Fast with Half the Effort!
This easy to use garden tool allows you to hoe and rake in one motion.
You’ll enjoy gardening more and save your back.

No need for two seperate tools. Just one pull hoes and rakes the ground
the way you want it. The patented HoeRake is also great for removing
weeds from your gravel driveway.

All our hoes are hand forged from high quality hardened steel, and have
a light and strong Ash wood handle.

Video: See the Schoffelhark HoeRake in action.

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The Twin Rake
Sometimes the most simple answer to a problem is the best. If you find yourself repeating your strokes when raking leaves, why not rake them twice with the same stroke? Like a double blade razor, this new double-toothed rake does better work with half the effort.

Perfect for raking large quantities of leaves, even when wet and heavy. Great for removing moss.

The double row of light metal tines (2x13) and a long Ash wood handle allow you to make long efficient strokes.

Twin Rake
Length 140 cm
Head width 39 cm
Price: € 39,95

Large HoeRake
This long HoeRake is used by professional gardeners and home gardeners alike.
Large HoeRake
With a 12cm wide head for nurseries where plantings are close together.
Large HoeRake - Profi
For professionals, this schoffelhark is for use on tough weeds and stubborn ground.
Medium HoeRake
This handy size is ideal for gardeners with less strength and even for use from a wheelchair.
Hand HoeRake
With a Tee handle for easy pulling when kneeling down or in hard to reach places.
Small Hand HoeRake
A smaller version for the fine work, also suitable for junior helpers.
Length: 170 cm
Head width: 20 cm
Price: € 32,95
Length: 170 cm
Head width: 12 cm
Price: € 32,95
Lengte: 170 cm
Head width: 20 cm
Price: € 34,95
Length: 60 cm
Head width: 8.3 cm
Price: € 28,45
Length: 45 cm
Head width: 8.3 cm
Price: € 28,45
Length: 34 cm
Head width: 8.3 cm
Price: € 26,95